Introducing… ME!

kelly and aj sitting in the grass
Kelly and AJ

Hey there! This is Lana unicorn, aka Kelly – the youngest daughter of Dr. Wanda Venters. I just wanted to do a quick little introduction as you might be seeing me around the blog and on some of the social medias in the future.

While I will leave the more educational pieces to my mom, I hope to write some fun and insightful posts about my experiences as a mom. I was a preschool and kindergarten teacher for 3.5 years where I met my now adopted 9 year old son AJ. “Alec and the Sandman” is based off AJ and me and, of course, our four legged family member Waldo. A little over a year ago I decided to change careers and become a computer programmer — so if you notice some web changes coming up that’s probably me too!

I love The Unicorn Stories. They are still a favorite bedtime read and have helped both myself and my son tremendously. The online parenting community is so special and I can’t wait to have a space to contribute. I look forward to sharing this parenting journey with you!


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