Early Childhood Memories

Happy New Year!

(An interesting fact about early childhood memories)
Well, we have started and New Year and put 2014 into the part of brain that holds memories. How is memory stored? What memories will our children have of the Holidays of 2014? There is a lot of new information about childhood memories. In 1910 Freud introduced the term “Childhood amnesia” to describe what most people experience which is a lack of memories before the age of 3 or 4y. Scientists initially thought that the brain had just put those memories into hard to reach places but now it seems that the brain has not stored them. A 3 year old can accurately recall events that happened at 2 but the same child at age 5 can’t recall what happened before 3 or 4. It seems that the brain “overwrites” those memories. This phenomenon is described in the Christmas classic “The Polar Express”. Our earliest memories might not be retained but the feelings associated with those memories do influence who we become. If the people around us during the holidays are enjoying themselves and enjoying us, we retain a good feeling about the holidays even if we forget the details and even if we are very young. So truly, laugh more and stress less as we start a New Year.

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